22px Zappy 22px
Species: Electric Dragon
Gender: Male
Element: Deviant
Role: Sensei
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Senseition
Skylanders: World
Attacks/Actions: Electro Ball
Quick Attack
Poke Combos
English Voice Actor: Brian Bloom
First Release: Skylanders: Senseition

Zap to it! -Zappy's official catchphrase.

Zappy is a electric dragon in Skylanders: Senseition. He is a Sensei of the Dragon Class.



Primary AttacksEdit

Attack 1- Electro Ball: Press 1 to shoot a fast orb of electricity, press 1,2,1 to do a "Volt Switch" combo.

Attack 2- Quick Attack: Press 2 to dash around so fast that enemies get confused when nearby.

Attack 3- Thunder: Press 3 to summon a lightning bolt strike you doing some damage to you.

Soul Gem- Volt Tackle: Hold 2 to turn into an orb of electricity and charge into enemies.

Sky-Chi- Catastro-Pika!: Hold the Special Button to activate your Sky-Chi, as you fly in place control a massive bolt of lightning that strikes enemies.


  • Like many Skylanders of the Deviant element, Zappy is based off other video games, TV Shows, Movies, Books, etc, specifically Pokemon.