" Death from Above!"


Spirit Knight


At the Kingdom of Clouds lived a legendary warrior, who never flinched and never feared. His name.. "Thunder Strike". This mighty swordsman controled the crash of thunder, and the strike of lightning. One day he mysteriously disappeared. Centries later, Kaos planned to destroy Eon's Fortress that is untill.. out of the sky leaped Thunder Strike! Eon was very excited to meet him, and he said he would be honored if he would join the Skylanders, and Thunder Strike graciously excepted.


1: Sword Slices

2: Thunder Thump

SOUL GEM: Sword of the hero

Additional AttacksEdit

6 piece combo

Fortress of Clouds

Control the Thunder

Path 1Edit

Lightning Finish

Zeus' Wrath

Charge Slices

Path 2Edit

Thunder Strike

Thump with your Sword

Thunder Thump Releases Twisters