Cyclops Slime
"Slime Time!"


Mutated Cyclops


Tarclops was a regular Cyclops who lead a ressistance against Kaos with other of Kaos' ex-minions. After he stole from Kaos' Alchemy Lab he was exposed to the chemicals, and turned him into a water puddle of slime! He was unable to save the rest of his crew, and he still wanted to get back at Kaos so he became a Skylander.


1: Exploding Bubbles

2: Flood Puddle

SOUL GEM: pass through objects

Additional AttacksEdit

3 Bubbles

Flood puddle ranges farther

Path 1:Bubble BezerkerEdit

Bubbles can ricochet off of obstacles

5 bubbles

Bubble's explosion leaves a flood puddle

Path 2:Puddle SplasherEdit

Boiling Water

Boiling water spawns 10 bubbles

Flood Puddle attracts items.