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"You've been Trolled!"




Tanker was head of the Troll Army, and never showed mercy to anyone. Boomer was once Tanker's Best Friend, but Tanker refused to stop his position on the army and become a Skylander. Years later, Boomer showed up to him, and challenged him to a battle. Boomer with his awesome upgrades beat him, and convinced him at the same time, to become a Skylander.


1: Blaster Troll

2: Attack Dogs

SOUL GEM: Zap Blaster

Additional AttacksEdit

Grease Monkey's Wrench

Wrench Performes Troll Smash

Hounds From Heck

Path 1Edit

Triple Shot

Trail 'a' Blaze

Grenade Launcher

Path 2Edit

Five Dogs

Ten Dogs