"Join the Club"




Before Skrill was at the Abandoned Zoo, he lived in the forest along with Smack up. These two would never get along, all they would do is fight and argue. Untill one day a group of trolls came, and took them to the Abandoned Zoo ( unknowing that the Zoo was actually one of Kaos' prisons). They both agreed that they would work together to escape so they charge into the bars, and were able to escape. Skrill was still to stuborrn to go on with him so he lived alone at that Zoo in anguish,(until he became a Skylander of course.) Smack up was disappointed, and wanted to find away to get back at those Trolls, and he found a way with the Skylanders. Long after, Skrill joined the Skylanders, and the two set aside their differences and fought side by side.


1: club pound

2: ground pound

SOUL GEM: faster walk

Additional AttacksEdit

super punch

club spinning

spikes on club

Path 1Edit

club pound combo

charge club pound

flaming combo

Path 2Edit

walk while performing ground pound

rapid ground pounding

earth quaker