After Spyro left the Dragon Reamls to Skylands, Byrd thought that he would do his own heroic things. He started the "Hidden Realm Malitia" to show the other creatures the ways of an army soldier. After weeks of hard work and dedication he decided to leave one of his best soldiers to have his position. Byrd then explored many undiscovered places and realms. One place that he went to was Croctopia, the place he met Master Eon. Eon was searching through swamp water for a certain cure, so like any good symeritan Byrd helped. Eon then told Byrd about the Skylanders which then he gladly accepted.


Primary attack: Wing smack

Secondary attack: BAM missles

Soul gem: Nature defiyed: Be able to use jet pack

Upgrades: Smacking is dangerous: Wing smack does more damage. BAM to BLAM: BAM missles do more damage. Punchline: Charge up Wing smack to turn it into a powerful punch. Lip smacking combo: Wing smack can now have a combo.

Flying flightless bird (path 1): Hurting you more than me: Fire BAM missles while using jet pack. Look mom no wings!: Jet pack lasts longer. I believe I can fly: Jet pack dosen't run out of fule.

BAM attack (path 2): Bigger BAM:Charge up BAM missle for a Big BAM. Safe mushroom cloud: BAM missle does more damage. Mushroom grew a mushroom: BAM missle does even more damage.


Sgt. Byrd would be a Tech Skylander and wouldn't be Lightcore. Catchphrase: "Liftoff awaits!" Species: Penguin