"Nuts and Bolts!"




Rivot was very well known on his home village. He would be the guy to call when something wasn't working right, and he was always happy to help. One special day, the mabu in his village officially declared that day "Rivot Day" everyone was happy, that is untill a group of Cyclopeses came and pillaged the village. Rivot knew he had to do something so he took his wrench and steaming rivots, and stoped those fiends in their tracks. Master Eon heard of his valience, and asked that the molekin fix the village so Rivot could join him as a Skylander.


1: rivot toss

2: wrench swing

SOUL GEM: wrenching upper-cut

Additional AttacksEdit

blow torch

welding mask sheilds +10

hot rivots

Path 1Edit

triple rivot throw

exploding rivots

charge rivot toss

Path 2Edit

wrench combo

blunt wrench

hit rivots to do more damage