"Ready set GLOW!"


Demon Lizard


Reptilleo was an ordinary Lizard, but one day he was cursed by a Witch, and was sent to the Netherworld as a Demon. He was exposed to many different types of Alchemy, and became rather good with his Demon abilities. When Master Eon heard of this Lizard he freed Reptilleo from the Netherworld, and recruited him as a Skylander.


1: Ecto-Ray

2: Sheild of Ghosts

SOUL GEM: Shadow Dash

Additional AttacksEdit

Ghosts turn enemies to health

Shadow Dash lasts longer

Ecto-Ray leaves trail of blue fire

Path 1Edit

Electro-Ecto Ray

Triple Beam

Ecto-Ray Spawns Ghosts

Path 2Edit

Electric Ghost Force Feild

Ghosts Attack Enimies on their own

Attack inside of ghost sheild