"Final Count down"


Alien Life-Form


Opposite to Skylands, Proto-Plasma is from the Spacelands of the Quadroverse. He was a trained inter-universal map-maker, and his next stop was at Skylands. He arrived at the outlands to ask directions, unfortunatly, he asked Glumshanks, but before he could ask directions Kaos stormed in, and tryed to persuade him to become part of his army, but his implanted soul reader sensed that Kaos was not one to be trusted so he flew to Skylands on his own. He stoped by Eon's fortress, and was able to finish his work. When Eon explained the place of a Skylander Proto-Plasm couldn't help, but to except the offer.


1: Plasma Gauntlet

2: Roll 'a' Barrel

SOUL GEM: matching gauntlets

Additional AttacksEdit

spiked barrels

Space flight

glowing armour

Path 1Edit

Long Beam

triple range


Path 2Edit

throw 'a' barrel

exploding barrels

triple barrel toss