"You'll be sleepin' with the fishes!"


Swamp Gillman


Mud Skipper lived in the sewers. He was very hungry, but just then he saw a scrumptious looking water melon on the surface. When he went to go grab it, it exploded! He saw that it belonged to Camo, and angrilly chased him all the way to Eon's Fortress. Eon saw them fighting so he went to go break it up. After Mud Skipper explained his story, Eon asked him if he would be a Skylander, and that in return he would give all the food he wanted. Mud Skipper happily agreed.


1: Fish hook shot

2: Sewage Drop

SOUL GEM: Multi-Shot

Additional AttacksEdit

Mud Slide

Mega Mud Slide

Swimming Sewage Drop

Path 1Edit

Barbed Hooks

Real 'em in

Fish Hooks Gather Items

Path 2Edit

Sewage Cannon

Sailer's Stew

Enemis Destroyed in Sewage Drop Heals You