"Throw and Go!"




Long Toss came from Dragon's Peak as one of Vathek 's Boom Fiends, but after the Skylanders stoped Vathek, he realized that he was serving for the wrong purpose. He followed the Skylanders to The Ruins, and begged Eon to make him a Skylander. Eon told him that he would make him a Skylander as long as he only uses his bombs outside of The Fortress.


1: Cherry Bombs

2: Land Mine

SOUL GEM: Timed Land Mines

Additional AttacksEdit

Summon up to 6 Cherry Bombs

Troll Bomb

Roll 'o' Troll Bomb

Summon up to three Land Mines

Path 1Edit

Cherry Bombs Range Farther

Cherry Bombs do Increased Damage

Bomb Beanie Hat

Path 2Edit

Summon up to 5 Land Mines

Land Mines Explosion Ranges Farther

Land Mines do Increased Damage