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"Heapin' of leapin'."

Life Lemur is of the Life element.


Life Lemur lived with a tribe of Lemurs next to the Abandoned Zoo that Skrill stayed at. Life Lemur was always in a rush he wanted to pick up the pace at his village, so he challenged the Head Master. Unfortunetley he was kicked out of his village, and he went to the Abandoned Zoo to be alone. One day Master Eon was paying his respects to that Zoo when Life Lemur sprang up at him! Master Eon sensed the pain he felt and simpathy for him, so he gave him the job as a fellow Skylander.


1: thorn throw

2: Pounce

SOUL GEM: Mega Pounce!

Additional AttacksEdit

Flower Force Feild

Poisen Pounce Trail

Flower Force Feild Spreads Poisen

Path 1Edit

Triple Thorn Throw

Thorns Leave Poisen Trail

Thorns ricoshe off of objects

Path 2Edit

Cannon Pounce

Charge Pounce

Pounce position leaves flowers