Evil Eruptor

"Don't Blame the Flames!"


Spirit Knight


In the Crag Kingdom, there was a royale order of knights sworn to protect the Volcano of Victory. Lava Lance was the head leader, and he lead his knights onto victory time after time after time, till one day, An army of ice ogres froze the knights and destroyed the volcano. Years later, Hugo found Lava Lance frozen in an ice berg. Hugo knew that Eon would want to hear about this, so he imediatly took him to Eon's Fortress. When Lava Lance thawed he knew only that he had to defend something, but he couldn't remember what. Eon said to him that the one thing worth protecting now was Skylands.


1: Sword Slicing

2: Joust Charge

SOUL GEM: Fiery Stallion

Additional AttacksEdit

Volcanic Blade

Lava Blast

Big Blade

Path 1Edit

Sword of a Hero

Flaming Finish

Sword Spews Sparks

Path 2Edit

Flaming Trail

Ring of Fire

Larger Lance