"Twilight Fight!!"




Itchy was very popular among his Imp friends at the Netherworld. He was funny, good at games, and the best shooter in his group. One day a group of Shadow Knights attacked he and his friends. Itchy went to go shoot them down, but after that some of the Knights' evil magic came into his soul. Itchy is called what he is because he went to a wizard to have the evil removed, but the side-effect was he would have an urge to scratch things. Eon eventually found him, and told him to take his urges out on Kaos and his minions.


1: Scratcher

2: Sharp Shot

SOUL GEM: Ecto-Plasm Mode

Additional AttacksEdit


Exploding Ammo

Killer Claws

Path 1Edit

Demon Claws

Spiked Knuckles

Killer Combo

Path 2Edit

Triple Shot

Big Boom Blaster

Trail of the Dead