22px Fella 22px
Species: Robot Cat
Gender: Male
Element: Deviant
Role: Sensei
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Senseition
Skylanders: World
Attacks/Actions: Coldsteel Chain Whip
Deviation Spinner
Coldsteel Ball
Coldsteel Steel Head
Deviation Knockout
English Voice Actor: Troy Baker
First Release: Skylanders: Senseition

Click on it! -Fella's official catchphrase.

Fella is a robot cat originally from Skylanders: Master Quest. He is now a Sensei of the Wrecker Class.



Primary AttacksEdit

Attack 1- Coldsteel Chain Whip: Press 1 to swing Coldsteel's head around which is attached to his chain.

Attack 2- Deviation Spinner: Press 2 to summon a deviation that spins and knocks back enemies and projectiles.

Attack 3- Coldsteel Ball: Press 3 to rev up Coldsteel and send him dashing into enemies.

Soul Gem- Llama Badges: Deviation Spinners spit out llamas that attack enemies.

Sky-Chi- Sonic OC Storm: Hold the Special Button to activate your Sky-Chi, float above a deviation then drop Coldsteel in it to have multiple Sonic OCs fly out.