"Just Flyin' Trough!"

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Species: Dragon/Fly Hybrid
Gender: Male
Element: Air
Role: Skylander
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Mixers
Cameos: Island challenge
Attacks/Actions: Sreach shapeshifter copycat
English Voice Actor: Tom kenny
First Release: Lost islands and swap force

It's a dragon and a fly.

Element Edit




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Abilities Edit


Fire Breath:Breaths Fire. 

Tail Slash:Slashes his tail on the ground. 

Basic Upgrades

 Flight:Hovers above the ground for a moment. 

Big Balls:Spits out giant fire balls.(sort of meteorites) 

Campfire:Fire Breath is stronger. 

Whip Tail:Tail Slash is stronger. 

Path 1

 Fire Breathing 

Attack 1: 

Attack 2: 

Attack 3: 

Path 2

 Attack 1: 

Attack 2: 

Attack 3: 

Soul Gem

 Vampire:Sucks blood out of enemies,enemies get their defense and guard down and player heals from it. 

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Concept by Thibo1102, art by Radioactiv.