Once the mightest King in Dogypt, Dogenkahmen was the best there was in every subject, even magic. Nobody else in his Kingdom excepted of him because of it though. One day, he resigned as King to follow his dreams of being a Skylander by going to Eon's Fortress. He asked Eon, and he said yes.


Primary attack: Finger lightning

Secondary attack: Headress laser

Soul gem: Levitation: Dogenkahmen is able to fly

Upgrades: Scorpion's sting: Headress laser does more damage. The sky's ultimate weapon: Finger lightning does more damage. The bolt, it is farther: Finger lightning has more range. 15 in Dogypt meters: Headress laser has more range.

Same place twice (path 1): Flying lightning: Finger lightning can now be used during levitation. Smells like fried chicken: Finger bolts are more powerful. Broken record: Finger lightning is faster.

Dogypt's sacred weapon (path 2): IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZAR!: Headress laser can now be charged for something like Trigger Happy's Yamato Blast. The flying sting: You can use the headress laser while levitating. That's probably BBQ troll: Headress laser is more powerful.


Dogenkahmen would be a Magic Skylander without Lightcore. Catchphrase: "No sarcophicgus can hold me!" Species: Dog