Rotting Robby

"Always on the clock..."




Dizzy Spell was a poor and confused Rotting Robby who was never appreciated for any of the works he ever did for his master. One day he was assissting his master with an extremely powerful spell that could turn an ordinary simpleton into a powerful sourcerer! The brew resulted in turning Dizzy Spell to a Hypnotist with the power to control the mind of the weak. Dizzy Spell went to the surface to test this power, on the first person he saw. Unfortunatlly that person was Master Eon, and he could not sercome to his powers, but did persuade him to use his powers for good.


1: Big Bite

2: Hypnotize Enimies

SOUL GEM: Hypnotized Enimies Attack Other Enimies

Additional AttacksEdit

Fangs incearse bite attack

Hypnotized Enimies Attacks increase damage

Bite stuns enimies

Path 1Edit

Charge Bite

Slash combo

Slash combo increases damage

Path 2Edit

Hypnotized Enimies bring food

Control Hypnotized Enimies

Hypnotism Ranges farther