Arkeyan Hammah

Buster was once an Arkeyan soldier fighting in the war against the Giants. After long and vicious battles he decided that the Giants might actually be fighting for what is right, so he betrayed the Arkeyans. During the times after the war Buster met Eon. The two became somewhat friends. Eon then learned about Buster's story and saw how he fought against evil. Eon then asked Buster to be a Skylander, and without hesitation he said yes. But his short life came to an end by a rare disease called "Masilitosis virus". Fourtunatly that wasn't the end of Buster since he came back to life by a mysterious sorcerer's magic. Buster then returned to Eon saying even in his boney afterlife that he will stay a Skylander. As a gift of return Eon gave Buster a powerful hammer. Buster on the other hand thought it was a spiky bat.


Primary attack: Hammer attack

Secondary attack: Hammer throw

Soul gem: No pain all game: Be able to have a shield that protects from most attacks.

Upgrades: Long distance call: Hammer throw has longer distance. 3 strikes you're out: Hammer attack has three more hits for a combo. Here boy!: Hammer instantly comes back instead of summoning it back. Homerun: be able to charge Hammer attack for a stronger version.

Still going (path 1): 2 for the price of 1: Hammer throw can hit multiple enemies after one throw. You thought I missed?: If Hammer throw misses it will hit the enemey from behind. Fast ball: Hammer throw hits enemy faster.

Batting is my life (path 2): No fast ball is a strike!: Hammer attack is faster. Average is high: Hammer attack is more powerful. Defence is offence: You can now attack while blocking.


Buster would be an Undead Skylander with Lightcore. Catchphrase: "You're outta the park!" Speciees: Arkeyan