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"Singe Singe Singe!"




Asherr was an ordinary Goblin pulling pranks, and being mischievious, till his house was burnt to the ground by a group of Imps. Asherr got so angry that he took a Potion Brew, and jumped into the flames. This combination of Magic and Fire caused him to morph into a flaming fighter! he was able to kick out those Imps, and rebuild his house. With his new powers he thought that he could defend not only his livelyhood, but all of Skylands. He was then recruited as a Skylander, but still enjoys pulling pranks on other Skylanders.


1: Flame Throw

2: Ash Dash

SOUL GEM: Dash on Walls

Additional AttacksEdit

Rocket Launchin' Flight

Trail 'o Flames

Eye of the Fire

Path 1Edit

Leave a Mark

Double Throw

Flame Thrower

Path 2Edit

Ring of Fire

Mushroom Cloud

Extended Dash